An Alien with a Magnet in Persian (Alien with a Magnet) is a new game with addictive and exciting gameplay in the style of adventure games for the Android operating system, with which you will experience an adventure game with a lovely character. Go on a space adventure trip by installing this game on your smartphone! In the role of the main character of the game , riding on a spaceship that acts as a magnet, you have to cling to the existing planets to collect the stars to ascend to the next stages!

You have to accurately throw the game character into colorful orbits and grab the available stars and diamonds. You can choose one of the available game modes: in adventure mode you have to go through a variety of planets to reach the main planet of the game character, and in extra bonus mode you can Keep yourself entertained for hours or more.

Some features of An Alien with a Magnet Android game:

* Including more than 45 amazing and very exciting stages

* High resolution images along with artwork along the way

* Ability to play competitively with leaderboards with more than 20 achievements

* Play and adventure in completely different and diverse places with different colors

* Return the game character to his own planet with his two spaceship tools and a magnet

* Having exciting voice acting with addictive gameplay

An Alien with a Magnet game has been released for free and has a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 , which we provide to you today in Usroid as the first Iranian website ! Join us to see pictures of the game environment + trailer of its gameplay…


Download An Alien with a Magnet - alien and magnet adventure game for Android




Download An Alien with a Magnet Android Apk - NEW



Download An Alien with a Magnet Android Apk - NEW