Ancient Battle: Alexander v1.4.0 – Strategic and exciting game “Ancient Battle: Alexander” Android with data
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Ancient Battle: Alexander – Ancient Battle: Alexander is another game from the famous studio HexWar Games Ltd and another game in the series of Ancient Battle games, which is produced and published just like other games of this company in the style of strategy. Some time ago, we published another part of this series of games called Ancient Battle: Rome  in Usroid and now we are going to be the first Iranian website again.Introducing Ancient Battle: Alexander game for you dear ones and lovers of strategy games. In Ancient Battle: Alexander, which according to the creators is a remake and evolution of Ancient Battle: Rome, you go to the time of ancient wars and battles and play the role of various kingdoms such as Greece, Macedonia and even the kingdom of Persia. (Iran) Play the game and fight for the borders of your rule! In the game campaign section, you are in the role of Alexander the Great and his great army, and you have to complete various missions and take part in many real and reconstructed battles. This section consists of 3 main sections. In the first part, you have to fight in the expeditions of Alexander on the borders of Greece and reconstruct the scenes of the famous battle of Chaeronea. In the second part, you have to go to battle with the Achaemenid army and at the same time fight the rebels inside Greece. The third part is related to Alexander’s great expedition to the vast lands of India. This section has huge battles and you have to face an army of Indian elephants! Ancient Battle: Alexander has many improvements over the Ancient Battle: Rome version, including upgrades to the game’s AI system. The game also offers a more advanced mechanism for tactical and strategic battles that you can do. This game is relatively differentThere are many differences in similar strategy games , and the success of them requires the correct use of resources, tactics and tools. You can use war strategies well in Ancient Battle: Alexander, and in many cases you have to resort to these strategies.

Some features of Ancient Battle: Alexander Android game:

  • Great design with HD graphics
  • Interesting simulation of ancient battles
  • Playing the role of Alexander the Great
  • 7 educational campaigns
  • 4 stages in the campaign related to the battle of Agnostos Thule
  • 8 stages in the campaign related to Greece and the possibility of playing the role of the Macedonian or Athens forces
  • 7 stages in the campaign related to the Achaemenid Empire and the battle with the Spartans
  • 5 stages in the campaign related to the invasion of Indian lands
  • Existence of 48 types of combat forces and the possibility of arranging and using each one
  • Professional battle system with multiple strategies and tactics

Ancient Battle: Alexander is a battle-based strategy game whose main nature is related to battles and tactical battles, and your whole focus should be on using combat forces and implementing the best war strategies. If you enjoyed other games from this studio such as Civil War: Gettysburg or Battles of the Ancient World , you will definitely welcome Ancient Battle: Alexander. Then you can download the purchased version of this game in a tested and free form from Usroid and experience this attractive game on your Android mobile or tablet.

Changes in version v1.4.0:

* Fixing bugs related to artificial intelligence


Ancient Battle: Alexander



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.hexwar.ancientbattlealexander folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.