Ancient Surfer in Persian (Surfing in the ancient world) is a new and extremely beautiful and exciting game in the style of sports games for the Android operating system , which is one of the most popular Android sports games with a score of 4.4 in the Play Story. River. With this game, you can easily experience surfing in the ancient world with your fingertips and entertain yourself for hours. Imagine it is summer and it is time to go to the beach and get ready to ride the different waves of seven strange places in the world.

You can go surfing in incredibly beautiful places and scenery, and compete with other users around the world with the game’s accurate ranking system , and enjoy the best Android surfing game. The game has different stages that you can collect different coins and open the next items and stages and make the game more exciting.

Some features of Ancient Surfer Android game:

* Play in fully 3D and realistic environments

* Show upgrade and distance in meters to get points

* Display beautiful rainbow effects… for more excitement

* Ability to become the best surfer by receiving full points

* Ability to play online with other users and view the rank of others

* Having good graphics due to its small size and being free

Ancient Surfer game, which is offered for free, is one of the most attractive Android games that we in Usroid , as the first Iranian website, in addition to introducing it, provide it to you as a direct link کاربران

Normal version + modded version (top normal version and lower modded version with unlimited money)


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