Android QR Code Scanner v1.1 [ads-free] – Smart and functional QR code scanner application Android
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Today, QR codes are one of the most important indicators on any product; These codes, which have a variety of shapes compared to other barcodes, contain specific information that can be achieved by scanning them only once. To scan this type of barcode, various tools are available in the Android Market, and so far we have introduced several versions of the best of them. Android QR Code ScannerTitle is a smart and functional QR code scanner application developed by Android Code Play and published on Google Play. Using a simple environment, this software helps its users to scan their desired QR codes and access all the information contained in them. To prevent the scan results from being deleted, you can copy and paste them all into memory with a single tap. Another feature of this application is the load generation mode of QR codes, so that several modes of information such as email, location, contact number and… can be stored in the code. In addition, a collection of information about your most recent scans will be recorded in history.

Some features and capabilities of Android QR Code Scanner Android application:

  • Quickly and intelligently scan QR codes
  • Access a set of information with just one scan
  • Option to copy the results of scanned code
  • Store scanned information in application history
  • Super mode for creating personal QR codes
  • Supports a variety of information for storage in code
  • Simple and easy user interface

App Android QR Code Scanner with the benefit of a facilities application in a simple environment by your developer for free on Google Play has been released, can now have the most recent version without ads from the server fast and powerful web-site Usroid Get. This app is introduced at your request.

Version v1.1 changes:

* Fixed minor program issues


Android QR Code Scanner