Angry Neighbor Full v3.2 – Super Angry Neighbor Android Adventure Game + Trailer
Price $ 1.99 and 4.5 out of 5.0 in Google Play Market
Tested Offline

Angry Neighbor – Neighbors angry new game is incredibly beautiful with addictive gameplay in the genre of adventure games from the studio Invictus Games for Android is $ 1.99 at Google Play offer, and to date more than five thousand times sold for For the first time in IranWe intend to introduce it to you, dear and regular users, and we intend to delight you once again by introducing it! Your neighbor was a mysterious and unusual person and he did things that surprised you, and this made you curious to know what he does in his house and what he has! You start your new mission to explore the neighbor’s house and you want to know what he is doing! The neighbor has used all kinds of traps to catch you and you have to be careful! The game is played in the first person and the control and guidance of the main character is in your hands; By touching the left side of the screen as a joystick, you can move to any place you like, and with the touch buttons embedded on the right, you can do various things such as touching, removing objects and…! If you are a fan of Android adventure games, do not miss Angry Neighbor in any way!


Angry Neighbor Android Games


Angry Neighbor game currently has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Play Store . We have introduced the purchased version in Usroid in the presence of you dear ones, and you can first view the images and trailer of the gameplay and, if you wish, watch it with a Click to download. The game features can be etched and 3D graphics; Complete freedom of action; Going to different places; Explore a neighbor’s house; Interesting and attractive sound; Good touch controllers and generally unparalleled build noted!

Changes in version v3.2:

* New features + optimizations and game troubleshooting