Animated Stories v1.15.8 – An animated story making app for Android
Professional and full version of the app worth $ 23.99

One of the most popular features that has been added to social networks or WhatsApp messengers in recent times; Are stories. With this feature, users can easily put all ten-second videos or images in the form of daily stories on their personal page. There are people among us who care a lot about their posts or stories. Such people always try to post beautiful stories to attract other users. To have interesting stories, various softwares have been introduced so far, the best of which we have provided to you. Animated StoriesIs an animated story development application developed by FedorkZSoft and published on Google Play. By providing users with access to a variety of features and capabilities, this software helps you create animated stories and share them on social networks such as Instagram. One of the strengths of this startup can be considered as its set of ready-made templates; In such a way that you have access to more than tens of different patterns in different fields and you are able to use them for specific purposes. Just select the template and specify the images you want to see a unique story. To make the stories more beautiful, you can create texts with different fonts and place them on these stories. Due to the set of features provided, maneuvering on these texts is simple and increasing their beauty depends only on your creativity.

Some features and capabilities of the Animated Stories Android app:

  • Access to a fantastic collection of ready-made templates
  • Create animated stories in the shortest time possible
  • Ability to customize templates at very high levels
  • Select multiple images to put in one template
  • Ability to write various texts on your stories
  • Several fonts and special tools for maneuvering on text
  • Change the duration of the stories according to your needs

The Animated Stories app has been released for free by its developer for $ 23.99 due to its features and capabilities, and has received a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 , which you can now download the latest professional version from the link Get the direct results of Usroid’s big website .


Animated Stories