[Anime Music Radio v4.6.8 [Pro – Anime Music Radio Online App for Android
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As you know, for some time now, with the increase in the number of anime, many people have come to the conclusion that watching anime is not just for children. In some cases, in addition to interesting stories, anime uses very beautiful soundtrack that will easily attract anyone. Anime Music Radio PROThe title of an online music anime music radio for Android, developed by Maxim Kabluka and published on Google Play. All the radio stations in this startup continuously play the soundtracks of various animations and allow you to access them completely unlimited. This unique program supports several different features, the most important of which is the buffer of each station according to the speed of the Internet; In such a way that the playback quality is adjusted to the user’s internet speed and it is tried that there is no interruption between the playback. The huge database of the program supports thousands of popular anime that are continuously broadcast on dozens of different stations. Access a history of your searches to retrieve past stations in a very short time if needed.

Some features and capabilities of Anime Music Radio Android app:

  • More than a hundred diverse radio stations
  • Very high quality broadcast of each station
  • Adjust playback quality according to users’ internet speed
  • Access to ten equalizer bands to customize the output sound
  • Full screen mode for playback while driving!
  • Sleep timer for auto stop playback
  • Huge database of soundtracks of various anime

Anime Music Radio application, with the benefit of several different features, has been able to get a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by paying within its $ 4.99 network. As always, you can download the latest professional version without any restrictions from the full site. Visit and get a great Usroid . In our version all the features of the program are available for free.


Anime Music Radio PRO