Annie – Cute adventure v1.4 – Adventure and puzzle game “Annie: Funny adventure” for Android + trailer of
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Annie – Cute adventure – Annie: Cute adventure in full name Annie – Cute adventure in the world of puzzles (Annie: Funny adventure in the world of puzzles), a fun and very well-made puzzle and adventure game from Daynight Studio Games is Belarus, which is available for $ 1 on Google Play. As always, we have provided the purchased version of this game as the first Iranian website for you dear ones and have prepared it for download. Annie – Cute adventure in the world of puzzles is like a dream. You are in the role of a little girl named Annie who in a fantasy and suspended world must find the way out by finding the keys. This world is full of puzzlesThere are different puzzles and threats that you have to solve puzzles well to pass them correctly. In addition to puzzles, you also have enemies that you should not encounter. Almost all parts of the game are followed by pushing rocks to open a path or create a path. With the help of these stones, you can imprison these enemies in a special place. But for this you need to have the right timing and know how and in what way to do it properly. The game view is in third person mode and the whole map is clear to you. The map consists of square houses and your every move is done from one house to another. To move stones or items, you must move in the opposite direction in which you want to move the item and move in the desired direction.


Annie – Cute adventure


بازی Annie – Cute adventure in the world of puzzlesIt has very attractive graphics and its designs are all fantasy, minimalist and dreamy. Along with these amazing designs, the soundtrack and even better the audible and relaxing soundtrack of this game will make it not only entertaining but also relaxing. Travel to this mysterious world and help Annie do her best in this different adventure. The puzzles in the game are simple in the initial parts, but with more steps, these puzzles become more difficult and challenging. Do not forget your task is to find the keys in this game. These keys may be anywhere on the map. That’s why you have to be ready for a special challenge at any moment. If you are looking for a different, relaxing, simple and at the same time fun and puzzle game, do not miss the colorful and lovely game Annie – Cute adventure in the world of puzzles.Usroid can be downloaded. You can download and watch the gameplay video from the download section to get better acquainted with the style of the game, and then download it from the site server if you wish.

Changes in version v1.4:

* Bug fixes