Yes, finally, after a long wait, the 11 bit studios game company released the second version (2) of the extremely beautiful and amazing game Anomaly today in the Play Store for the Android operating system! Bit Studio gaming company delights strategy-loving users with the release of this game! If you want one of the best strategy games on Android to date has been to choose, the game Anomaly 2 is our choice; A game that is unrivaled among market games with its stunning HD graphics and exciting story! The story of the game is that in 2018, the earth is destroyed and occupied by invading aliens and their machines, and the human race is in danger of extinction!

Now it is your turn to search for food and equipment with your huge caravans in the frozen plains! After the war, everything changed, now it seems that our species are from the generation of Anomaly and machine planets! The commander of your caravan is called Yukon and…. After a long time today released the latest version of a sequel to the popular game Anomaly 2 are not the only thing from the previous low, but the gameplay ,The graphics and excitement are far better and more than the previous title! It is your job to send your troops to the war machines to discover a new strategy so that each mechanical unit has different capabilities with different capabilities that will help you overcome special war conditions. There are two modes to play: one single player and the other multiplayer; In the first case, fight in an apocalyptic world, and in the second case, destroy humans as enemy towers, or attack enemy towers as humans and destroy them.

Some features of the unique Anomaly 2 Android game:

* Play in completely real and amazing places and environments

* Battle with different types of enemies and robots with great powers

* Create your final national team with over millions of tactical combinations

* Stunning HD graphics with exciting sound

Valuable and graphic game Anomaly 2 is currently on sale in the Play Store for $ 3.99 and has a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 , and Usroid offers it to all strategy game lovers who are able to download bulky games! If you want to get more acquainted with the gameplay, we have prepared a 1-minute trailer for you that you can watch!

Note: This game has a separate apk file and data for each of the Mali, PowerVR, Tegra and Adreno processors, which we have put for you, and you should get one of them for your phone!

Changes in version v1.1:

* Fixed various problems and improved graphics


Download Anomaly 2 - illegal graphics game for Android + data + trailer




Game installation and running instructions:

Step 1 – Download one of the following zip files according to your processor:

Download installation file (APK) with data (obb) for Tegra processor with a size of 1420 MB

Download installation file (APK) with data (obb) for PowerVR processor with a size of 1340 MB

Download installation file (APK) with data (obb) for Mali processor with a size of 1200 MB

Download installation file (APK) with data (obb) for Adreno processor with a size of 1410 MB

Step 2 – Unzip the downloaded file. First install the apk file and then copy the com.elevenbitstudios.anomaly2game folder to SD: Android / Obb and finallyrun the game .


Download Anomaly 2 Android Game Apk + Obb - NEW



Download Anomaly 2 Android Game Apk + Obb - NEW