Ansar Bank – with Ansar Bank as the title of mobile banking applicationAnsar is developed by the same bank and published for users of Android smart devices. This software, like other mobile banking applications, allows its users to access a set of services at any time and eliminate many unnecessary references. Easily view your card balance or deposit accounts as much as possible and, if necessary, send your desired amount to your other friends and acquaintances in various ways and make sure that none of your information is leaked. . Pay your bills as easily as possible and share their receipts with your friends and acquaintances with just one touch. Perhaps one of the best features of this program compared to other similar apps for batch payments, which makes the most of your minimum time. View the details of your checkbooks and continue your good deeds with access to charity without anyone knowing. It is better not to miss this software and follow us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of Ansar Bank Android application:

  • View details and details of real and legal accounts
  • Access to the last ten rounds of the account
  • Ability to view card balances and block your cards with one touch
  • Pay installments of your facility and others
  • Transfer funds from deposit to deposit or card to card
  • Pay bills with barcode reader and manually (with card and deposit)
  • Ability to pay driving fines without wasting time
  • See all the details of the batch of checks
  • Ability to share receipts
  • Automatic view of selected deposit inventory when performing operations

Ansar Bank application has been able to meet many of its users’ needs by benefiting from various features and capabilities, and now you can download the latest version from the direct links of Usroid website ; As always, Usroid offers the latest mobile update of Ansar Bank for download in a safe and reliable environment, and you can download it with one click.

Changes in version v4.6.0:

* User interface change Added counter
* Login with static and one-time password
* Payment of driving without login with acceleration cards
* Purchase without login with acceleration cards
* Payment of bills without login with acceleration cards
* Purchase of direct recharge with card
* Payment of driving fines with a card
* Change of the second password of Ansar cards
* Purchase of a charge code with a card and a deposit
* Payment of charity with a card
* Calculation of the night
* Separation of bill transactions


Ansar Bank