Antivirus 2017 Premium v1.3 – Smart and fast antivirus 2017 for Android
Purchased version worth $ 5.49

Antivirus 2017 Premium is a smart and powerful antivirus produced and published by for Android operating system . This security application is able to use the best available technologies to protect all parts of your smartphone and prevent it from being infected with viruses or any trojans and malware. Everything is done without an internet connection, and before installing any program, you will be notified if there is a risk of unauthorized access or suspicious activity to protect your personal information in a special way. The search and scan engine of this antivirus is very fast and can check all the information on your device in just a few minutes and eliminate any viruses and trojans. Antivirus 2017It has a very small volume and with the least available resources, it is always running in the background of the device to be notified immediately if there is any danger. In addition, after scanning the files, you will receive a report of the scanned files, which shows the very high power and capability of this application.

Some features and capabilities of Antivirus 2017 Premium Android application:

  • Very easy to use with just one touch of the screen
  • Ability to run on any Android device without installation restrictions
  • No need for any internet connection
  • Ultra-fast scanning engine with extensive database
  • View threat programs on the SD card
  • Check all files immediately after the update
  • Remove any virus, trojan or software

Antivirus Antivirus 2017 Premium with price of 5.49 dollars by your developer has been released so far no shopping and no doubt by downloading this app, powerful Farsrvyd and install it among the first users around the world will experience it you ; You can download the purchased version of the above antivirus for free.

Changes in version v1.3:

* Various optimizations and program troubleshooting.