[Notification Light / LED S10 – aodNotify v6.00 [Pro – Android LED notification app!
The professional and complete version of the app worth $2.99 for the first time in Iran

One of the problems that some Android smartphones suffer from is the lack of a notification light to alert users of incoming notifications. While some devices come with an LED as a default hardware component, others, such as Galaxy phone owners, are not notified when they receive notifications. This has led to the creation of various specialized tools to address this weakness. Notification Light / LED S10 – aodNotify PRO is the name of an LED notification app developed by Jawomo and available on Google Play. After installation, the app is ready to use and will light up the screen in a special way when notifications are received. This way, whenever your device screen is on, you will know that you have received a notification. The displayed screen will not turn off until you read or dismiss the notification, which is one of its advantages. Since this app is optimized specifically for Samsung devices, battery consumption does not significantly increase and remains very low.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Notification Light / LED S10 – aodNotify Android app:

  • Intelligent notification system for Android devices
  • Display notifications on the turned on AOD screen
  • Bright edge effect on Smartphones when receiving notifications
  • Possibility to keep the screen permanently on when dismissing notifications
  • Very low battery consumption compared to similar tools
  • Screen turns on when the device is connected to a charger

The Notification Light / LED S10 – aodNotify application has been able to receive a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users by taking advantage of its various features and capabilities, and by paying its in-network $2.99, you can now get its latest professional version without any restrictions from Usroid direct links.


Notification Light LED S10 - aodNotify PRO