App Master (Uninstall / Backup) v3.7 – Advanced application for removing and managing Android applications
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Perhaps only a few out of a few hundred Android users know that when deleting apps, some of their files remain in the memory of the smart device, and these accumulations over time slow down the smartphone. Problems in such cases can be solved by using optimization programs, but it is better to prevent this problem from the beginning with a special removal system. App Master (Uninstall / Backup) Pro Unlocked as an advanced and powerful tool for managing and removing Android applicationsDeveloped by ljmobile and published in the big market of Google Play. In this unique tool, there is a set of capabilities and facilities for managing installed apps, which you are able to make the most of according to your needs. Mark the software you use the least and delete them all in groups with just one touch; Apart from the main feature of this program that we mentioned, if necessary, by making a backup copy at any time, you are sure that your applications will not be destroyed, and if you delete them accidentally, you can easily restore them.

Some features and capabilities of App Master (Uninstall / Backup) Android application:

  • Eliminate low-usage programs in groups
  • Ability to backup and restore data with just one touch
  • Search apps in internal storage, Android markets or websites
  • Customize the list of displayed applications as desired
  • View program details such as size, installation time, package and…
  • Simple and easy user interface

App App Master (Uninstall / Backup) With the features and capabilities of different has been able to pay in-network $ 0.99 Self- rated 4.3 by 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version of its professional to Download for free from the popular and highly visited Usroid website ; The upcoming version provides all the features for free.

Version v3.7 changes:

* Bug fixes + new features.


App Master (Uninstall/Backup)