App Ops – Permission manager v5.3.0.r1330.6b9dfe4a Unlocked – Application access management application in Android Unlocked
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App Ops – Permission manager A highly functional and secure application for managing access to applications installed on Android devicesPublished by Qixingchen. One of the most important issues in smartphones is always their security because these smart devices can store sensitive and various information. Every application needs permissions during installation, regardless of which we accept all accesses and install the desired application. Many of the apps that smart device users install on their devices have additional permissions that can be a great way for the developer to penetrate. App Ops software with its smart system helps you to make a list of View all permissions of installed applications and manage them easily. One of the biggest advantages of this program over similar released versions is that it does not require root access and can cover a huge list of users.

Some features and capabilities of App Ops – Permission manager Android application:

  • View all apps and widgets installed on the device
  • Support for Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Android 7
  • View full access to all installed applications
  • Ability to block any access
  • Cyanogen mode support
  • Support for multiple users and work modes
  • Group access management

App App Ops – Permission manager by your developer for free with in-network $ 0.99 has been released and managed to score 4.4 out of 5.0 by users in the Play Store downloads that can now newest version unlocked it Download for free from Usroid site.

Changes in version v5.3.0.r1330.6b9dfe4a:

* New features + various optimizations + fixes for program problems


App Ops - Permission manager