APP SEARCH BY VOICE v4.1.0 – Voice search application for Android applications Unlocked
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It may have happened to you many times that you want to run one of the programs available on your smart device but do not see the associated icon. This problem, or better to say, more visual error occurs when different apps with almost identical icons are installed on our Android device and we can not find the application we want quickly. In such cases, the best option is to use software search tools that will show it to you by just writing a letter from the application you want. APP SEARCH BY VOICE Full Unlocked is a smart and practical tool for searching for application icons installed on an Android smart device.Developed by Magdalm and published in the Google Play Store. After installing the software, all programs installed on the device are displayed in alphabetical order, which you can find by following the first letter of the software you want; But if the alphabetical system does not meet your needs, just enter a part of its name in the top box of the page to quickly display your favorite app. As it is clear from the title of the article, the main feature of APP SEARCH BY VOICE should not be easily overlooked, because by it, it is enough to say the name of the software you want by voice so that it will be available to you in the shortest possible time. There are no restrictions on searching for system and installation programs, and any type of search is displayed if there is a result.




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Changes in version v4.1.0:

* Support for Android 8.1
* Libraries update.