App Sharer + v2.7.2 [Pro] – Professional version of Android app sharing application
with access to all features

It may have occurred to you before that some of your friends wish you could send them a plan; But you could not do that because they did not have a raw file! Apart from sending the raw file directly, there are other ways to share the software by which they are connected to the Play Store and you will be able to download the tool you want. In this post, we intend to maximize your ability to share apps by introducing a smart app. App Sharer + Pro Unlocked is a great app for sharing apps on your smartphone by Zerone Mobile Inc for Android.Developed and published on Google Play. There are several different ways to share software that users can use to the fullest according to their needs. From sharing Google Play links to sending raw files via email, everything is available and you only need to touch the screen once. There are no restrictions on the selection of applications and the app can be selected and shared indefinitely.

Some features and capabilities of App Sharer + Android app:

  • Share Google Play Software Links
  • Ability to send Google links and raw files by email
  • Sharing apps with cloud, Bluetooth and سر servers
  • Select multiple applications and share them simultaneously
  • Fast sharing mode
  • Ability to cancel the sharing process
  • Ability to share via the web

App Sharer + application with a set of essential capabilities in the field of Android software sharing has been able to get a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 10 million active downloads , which you can now download the latest professional version. Download it from the popular Usroid site; Our version includes all monetary features.

Version v2.7.2 changes:

* Fixed application problems.


App Sharer+ Pro