App Usage – Manage / Track Usage Pro v5.44 – Professional application application for Android applications
Premium version with access to all features

App Usage – Manage / Track Usage App for professional management of installed Android applicationsIt is published by Sam Lu for free, along with payments within the network, and we have introduced the full version to you dear ones. Special and extensive features are included in this software that enables users to have complete control over all their applications. One of the most prominent of these capabilities is the display of the amount of RAM consumed by applications, which helps you close it if you use too much resources. Identify programs that you haven’t used in a long time and remove them with a simple touch if needed. If you want to know how many times you check your smart device during the day, it is better to refer to the CHECK PHONE HISTORY function, because the detailed information in your calendar shows you how much Android device has been checked in the last 24 hours.

Some features and capabilities of the App Usage – Manage / Track Usage Android app:

  • Display a history of Android device activity and how much it checks each day
  • Display your daily use of apps and reminder system in case of excessive use
  • Access to the list of programs that you have used the most and the least
  • Date of installation and execution of programs
  • Ability to select and delete categories of all available programs
  • Add personal notes to each app
  • Sort all programs based on different and different features
  • Display programs in multi-column
  • Clear a bunch of app cache
  • Share your to-do list with your friends
  • Update the updated version of the application

Management app App Usage – Manage / Track Usage charges within their network managed to score 4.3 from 5.0 in account that can now Professional and Premium versions of its high-speed servers Usroid downloaded.


App Usage - Manage/Track Usage Pro