AppLock & Gallery Vault – ABC AppLocker v1.1 Protect files and apps with a secondary lock   
Purchased version of the app for $ 5.99 on Google Play  

Smartphones are powerful devices that are able to provide all kinds of capabilities to their users. This has made it impossible for users to detach from their smartphone even for a day and always have it with them. Computers have lost their traditional use these days, and in many cases, smartphones have replaced them. For example, in banking, keeping personal photos and videos, creating and managing documents, and smartphones are paramount. This is why our phones are full of private and important information. Due to the fact that smartphones are always with us, things like theft or loss may happen to them, and this personal information puts us at risk of access by unauthorized people. All smartphones have the ability to lock, but this feature is not enough to protect important files. That’s why files and even programs need to be better protected. Today we are at your service with a program that will help you increase the security of private information.AppLock & Gallery Vault – ABC AppLocker is an Android-based app for locking files and apps developed by the Staxxo App Development Team and published on Google Play for $ 5.99. This program protects files and programs using the pattern you define. After installing and running the program, you will be asked to enter the desired pattern in the program. The more complex your pattern, the more secure the files will be. In order to be able to retrieve the pattern if you forget it, you will be asked a security question that you must enter carefully in the program. You can then set your apps to lock. You will also be able to lock photos, videos and audio files in a separate menu.

Some features and capabilities of AppLock & Gallery Vault – ABC AppLocker Android :

  • Lock apps, photos, videos and audio files
  • Use patterns to ensure information security
  • Request a security question to restore the pattern if forgotten
  • Automatic lock of the application after a certain period of time

Application AppLock & Gallery Vault – ABC AppLocker great tool to enhance the security of personal data is managed, with the consent of Android users Score 4.0 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v1.1 changes : 

* Advanced and fast user interface
* Improves program execution speed
* ‌ Eliminates more than 20 bugs


AppLock & Gallery Vault - ABC AppLocker