APPtoSD PRO – Moving Apps to SD Card v4.0.0 – Free up phone memory by transferring apps to external storage
Purchased version of the app for $ 3.99 on Google Play 

One of the main reasons for the high success of the Android operating system and the very high popularity of this operating system is its huge market. Google Play is the largest gaming and app market among all mobile operating systems. This means that Android users have access to millions of games and applications that can be installed on their phone or tablet with the push of a button. Android users benefit the most from this feature and they all have a lot of apps on their phones. As you know, installing programs and games on the phone will occupy its memory. The programs and games that are produced today are much larger than in the past, and this is why by installing only a few programs and games, the phone’s memory is completely filled. Filling the phone memory causes several problems, the most important of which is the low performance of the phone and the occurrence of multiple regiments. In addition, there will not be enough space to take photos and videos in memory, and in practice you will not be able to access many of the phone’s capabilities. The easiest way to increase the memory of the phone is to use memory cards. Memory cards are commonly used to store files, but with the program we are introducing today, you can also store your programs on these memories.APPtoSD PRO – Moving Apps to SD Card is an application for transferring applications to SD memory, for the Android operating system, developed by Detective Studio and published for $ 3.99 on Google Play. This app does not require root access to work and can be easily used on a variety of Android devices. To make the program easy to use, its user interface is divided into several sections. When you open the app you will be presented with three different lists. These lists are the list of portable applications , the list of applications in the phone memory, and the list of applications in the SD memory, respectively. If the program you want is in the list of portable programs, you can start transferring it to the SD memory by pressing a button.

Some features and capabilities of APPtoSD PRO – Moving Apps to SD Card Android :

  • No need for root access and can be used on a variety of Android devices
  • Separate apps into portable apps, apps in phone memory, and apps in SD memory
  • Ability to batch transfer programs to SD memory
  • Simple and easy to use application

Application APPtoSD PRO – Moving Apps to SD Card is an efficient tool to free the main memory of Android that consent Android users have rated excellent 5.0 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v4.0.0 : 

* Translate to 30 languages
* Remove unnecessary code
* Add info sections
* Update icon design


APPtoSD PRO - Moving Apps to SD Card