Aptoide is one of the best foreign markets in the field of updating and downloading Android software and games, which includes thousands of updated applications, and you can use it to access a treasure trove of Android software and games . As you are aware, due to various sanctions, it is possible for Iranian users to download from Google Play, and in the meantime, it is necessary to install an Android market on the phone; Of course, Usroid, as the most up-to-date Iranian website, in addition to placing free programs, also offers paid programs as soon as possible and at the same time as publishing them on Google Play.It gives you and you do not need to have a market; But still this market can be useful. We, the professional and committed team of Usroid, provide all the updates of Android programs and games 24 hours a day, manually at the same time with the release and sometimes for the first time on the Internet, for you dear Iranians, and due to the location of our servers in Inside Iran itself, you receive files with incredible speed, but the download speed from foreign sites and markets is much slower! This market is now a filter and downloading it is a disaster with the activation of Filter-Rashkan in Iran; Anyway, we have introduced this Android market at your request!

Some features and capabilities of the Aptoide Android application:

  • Ability to update programs installed on the phone with this market
  • Categorize different programs into different groups for easy access
  • Categorize different games into different groups for easy access
  • Ability to include a variety of resources in the program to download the application
  • Simple user interface without any ads (of course only in the version we put for you!)

The Aptoide application is available for free download on its official website, where there are also advertisements, but in Usroid we have provided you with a version without ads, where you can download the latest and most recent version from Usroid for free. Please! Once again, we emphasize that Usroid is superior to foreign markets in most cases, and you can see it in 24-hour support and a series of special features that you are aware of.