ApzLock-Fingerprint, Pattern, PIN lock for apps v1.1 – Fast and easy application for Android apps
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We all have different applications on our smartphone that we refer to several times during the day according to our needs and deal with our common activities. Some of these applications, such as messengers, galleries, and و are part of our private apps and are considered part of our privacy because of their important information. In some cases, for various reasons, people other than their family try to enter these softwares without permission and check the information contained in them. Sometimes this theft of information causes irreparable damage to life or we lose the trust of the dearest people in our lives! There are various ways to protect applications, in addition to locking the device screen, one of the best of them is the use of security tools, in this post we are going to introduce one of the simplest of them to novice Android users.ApzLock-Fingerprint, Pattern, PIN lock for apps is a fast and simple application for quick and easy locking of other applications on Android smart devices , developed by Apz Lab programming studio and published in the big Google Play market. Is. This tool allows users to easily access the full list of software on their device and lock them with just a simple touch. There are three different ways to lock access, one of the most popular being fingerprinting; Just be willing to meet your privacy needs away from any particular complexity.




Application ApzLock-Fingerprint, Pattern, PIN lock for apps based on very simple environment could trust to attract and thousands of Active allocated to that now and as always the newest version purchased it without having Receive any payment from the direct links of Usroid site.

Note: The format of the installation file is Apks – to install the program, a PDF file is available in the program folder that you can use to install the program in front.