Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG v2.8.4 – Android Action-Role Playing Game “Legends of the Series”
A well-made and popular game with over 10 million downloads on Google Play
Tested with online play

Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG – Legends of Series is the name of a very exciting and online game in the action-role-playing genre, which has been released for the Android operating system by Spacetime Studios as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. This game is one of the few online platformer games that was initially exclusively released for Google Chrome as a web version, and Android and iOS versions were also developed alongside it. Although Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG has a very clichéd and repetitive content and its designs have been seen many times in other titles, its positive points and excellent features should not be overlooked. Although dozens of similar games have been produced and published, this game is still one of the popular games of reputable critics such as Forbes, Kotaku, and PocketGamer. As the title suggests, the genre of the game is an MMORPG or an online multiplayer role-playing game, whose atmosphere and environment, like many other similar games in this genre, is related to mythical, imaginary, and fantasy lands. Lands where humans must stand against each other alongside other creatures. Of course, not all of these creatures are demonic! The bulk of this game takes place in black holes and, in fact, it can be said that black holes are the main maps of this online game. The game is completely online. You can play the game individually or join other guilds and clans, or create your own exclusive clan!


Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG


In the game Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG, you must explore and wander through these black holes and destroy enemies such as demonic creatures and monsters residing in these black holes to earn points. In various parts of this game, there are different bonus items and treasures that you must discover and loot before other players and competitors find them! Another interesting feature that sets this game apart from similar games is the presence of pets in various locations. You can find and collect these pets and use them as trained forces in battles. In another section of the game, you can customize your main character and upgrade them in different levels to advance their abilities, weapons, armor, and forces. Apart from black holes, various missions have been designed for players in different lands and locations such as beautiful forests and grand castles. Your enemies are creatures and monsters such as dragons, orcs, goblins, and so on. In terms of graphics and designs, it can be said that Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG has suitable features. The game models are all three-dimensional and have appropriate graphic details. The game view is in the third-person mode, and you can have a suitable view of the surroundings. You can use special weapons and forces throughout the game, and you can follow the game in four main sections. The first section is the PvE section or player versus environment, where you can team up with other players to fight monsters. The other three sections are subsets of PvP games where you can compete with other online players in games like Deathmatch, Flag Conquest, or Deadly Duels. You can now download the latest update of this game, which has earned a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, from Usroid. As mentioned, this game has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play.