Arithmagic – Math RPG 1.0.1 – Attractive puzzle and puzzle game “Magic of Computing” Android + trailer
Full and purchased version of the game for $ 3.69 Dedicated to you dear ones
tested with offline performance

Arithmagic – The magic of computing is a fun puzzle game in the style of puzzle games – an idea from the Gooble Games game development studio for Android, which is priced at $ 3.69It has been published on Google Play and today, for the first time in Iran, we intend to introduce its first version in the presence of you, the fans of intellectual games. In this game, as a wizard, explore the world with the power of computation and face different events and go through them by solving problems with mathematics. Try to solve problems by practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills, or in combination, in order to use them to destroy the enemies you encounter along the way. Improve your magic skills by overcoming tougher enemies so that you can more easily stand up to stronger enemies. If you are also a fan of puzzle-intellectual games and you are interested in Arithmagic game, download it now and after experiencing it, tell us what score is suitable for it ?!


Arithmagic - Math RPG


Game  Arithmagic – Math RPG recently released for Android and more than 10 times from Google Play purchases and rated 5.0 out of 5.0 ExcellentHas also acquired. In this game, in addition to exploring and exploring a very large world and dealing with many enemies, you can also upgrade your wizard to increase your strength, endurance and… more chances to survive against them. Also, do not forget that this game has a lot to do with the correct use of your computing power, so choose your favorite magic in the book Tabasm to use it against those who dared to stand in front of you. In general, this game in the form of entertainment has created a very beautiful way to learn basic calculations and increase their skills in doing them, which can be useful for everyone. You can first watch the images and video gameplay of the game and then, if you wish, to download the full and purchased version of the game for free from high-speed Fars servers.Take action. This game has been tested offline and has run without any problems.

Version v1.0.1 changes:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting