Armajet v1.60.13 – Exciting and well-made action game “Armajet” for Android
An online competitive game in the style of group fighting
Tested by running online

Armajet  is the name of an action and simple game, but at the same time very well-made, fun and exciting, which has been prepared and produced online in the form of a competitive and fighting game. At your request, friends and constant companions, we decided to prepare, review and publish the latest update of this interesting and exciting game in a tested form. This game is produced and released by the American studio Super Bit Machine. Armajet is actually a fast-paced action style game that runs entirely online. ArmJet is a cross-platform title that was first released for home PCs (via the Steam Store) and then a ported and remastered version was released for mobile operating systems, including Android. Usually such games have separate servers for each platform, but Armajet provides the ability for players to play this game with an account in any operating system they want and have their profile on all these platforms equally. Have. This has also caused the start time of each game to be much shorter than normal due to the crowded players. According to the creators, Armajet is a game based on the skills and abilities of players, and unlike most other games, PTW or Pay to Win, in which you have to buy various items with real money to succeed. is not. Given that the game itself has an in-store to buy a variety of in-app payments, it is unclear to what extent this claim is true. What is clear, however, is that the more time players spend on Armajet, the stronger they become and the less they will need to buy items than other regular players.




In Armajet, you enter 4-on-4 competitions as a team, or if you want, you can participate in non-group competitions individually. Group games, each with 3-minute hands, include Team Deathmatch battles. In this game, you have to face 4 opponents with 3 teammates and try to get the most points in 3 minutes by killing rivals. Each time you are killed, you enter the battlefield again after a few moments. There are other parts of the game, including Fuel Frenzy and Battle Ball, with different mechanisms. Graphically, this game with its two-and-a-half-dimensional designs is considered a relatively light and simple game, but its rich and very exciting gameplay eliminates any hypothesis about the simplicity of this game. In Armajet you can choose your hero character from different characters and upgrade and customize that character with money and points. The game’s graphic effects along with dynamic gameplay have made Armajet one of the most attractive action and online style games. So if you are looking for an interesting and different entertainment that is not too heavy due to the high graphics, Armajet is a great choice for you. In this game, you can use all kinds of weapons and create a union through the clone system or join the clones of others. In less than a month, Armajet crossed the 500,000 download mark on Google Play, scoring 4.1 out of 5.0. At the end of this article, you can download the latest updated test from Usroid fast servers.

important points :

The game is online and there is no healthy hacked version for it. [Please do not ask about this.] 
You may need to change your IP to run the game properly.