Astrix – Icon Pack v1.1.4 – Beautiful square pack icon for Android,
purchased version of the program for $ 0.99

One of the most important factors for the huge success of Android is the high flexibility and variability of this operating system. Android is built in such a way that it can be installed on any device and after installing different parts, it can be changed as desired. These features make Android the most successful and widely used mobile operating system in the world, and billions of people around the world use it. Many tools for personalizing Android have been simplified by various developers. Tools, some of which have attracted hundreds of millions of users. Launchers are one of the most popular personalization software for Android, and combining them with a pack icon can completely change the look of the Android operating system. Launchers can change the look of the home screen and menu of Android applications and provide many customization options for their users, one of which is the ability to use the icon icon. Package icons are apps that include a large number of alternative icons for Android apps and games that are created by professional designers and usually with a common style, and their use creates harmony and harmony in the Android user interface. So far, we have provided many pack icon icons in Usroid for your service, dear ones, and in the continuation of this post, we intend to introduce another very beautiful pack icon.Astrix – Icon Pack is an attractive and beautiful square pack icon with material colors for Android operating system, which was developed by Edzon DM and has been published on Google Play for $ 0.99. There are more than 1600 icons in this collection, all of which are designed to be as beautiful as possible and with a lot of time and attention to detail. This number of icons covers most popular and widely used Android games and applications. Of course, updates for the program are provided regularly and more programs are covered. In designing these icons, we have tried to use only one color for each icon, which gives a very different effect to the user interface. In addition, a set of beautiful wallpapers is included in the program, the use of which helps to create more harmony in the user interface.

Some features and capabilities of the Astrix – Icon Pack Android app :

  • It has 1600 very beautiful icons
  • 44 high quality and beautiful wallpaper
  • Supports most Android launchers
  • Provide regular updates

The Astrix – Icon Pack application is a great tool for making extensive changes to the user interface that has been able to get 4.3 out of 5.0 points from Google Play users with the satisfaction of Android users . Now you can download the purchased version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge.

V1.0.8 version changes : 

* 99 new icons


Astrix - Icon Pack