Astro Boy Dash is a very beautiful game in the style of two and exciting games for the Android operating system , which is designed based on an animation of the same name and entertains you for hours. The game is based on the fact that a scientist named Ochanomizu, who lost his child, creates a young robot with incredible powers similar to his child and names him Astro! By doing different things during the day, this scientist wants to increase the robot’s power day by day and make him strong. But the young robot is tired of this repetitive daily life, so he decides to run away from the lab and escape from the scientist. In this game, you have to control the story robot and escape from the robot’s creator with the accelerometer of your phone in the streets of the subway city! You play along the way By collecting coins along the way, you should help increase the power of your UPS and use them to enhance the game’s character.

Some features of Astro Boy Dash Android game:

* Designed like Astro Boy Dash animations

* Having 3D graphics and high quality

* Ability to open and buy different clothes for the game character

* Collecting coin routes to purchase UPS equipment and power

* Compete with friends and share points on social networks

* Game character control with the help of the phone’s accelerometer

* Play exciting sounds during the game to increase excitement

If you are a fan of the second game, no doubt the new Astro Boy Dash game will be enjoyable for you, so you can download the modded version of the game with one click from Usroid as the first US website .

Changes to version v1.4.5:

* Various optimizations and game problems


Download Astro Boy Dash - a beautiful escape game for Android boys