Astrological Charts Pro v9.3.7 Professional App Drawing Various Astrology Charts for Android
Version purchased and complete app for $ 19.50 on Google Play

Foresight predicts the future by observing the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. Astrology means examining and adapting the state of the stars, the sun, the moon, and the moment of birth, through which a person’s personality traits are identified and the general course and events of a person’s life are affected. Astrology expects the proximity of the stars, the sun, the moon, the planets of the solar system, along with their shape and position relative to each other, to have lasting effects on one’s life. The astrology of the past is very distant and dates back thousands of years. Today, many people consider it superstitious and do not believe in it, but even today there are those who have a strong belief in astrology and the effect of the state of the stars on human destiny. In astrology, a device called a horoscope is used to do this. A birth is a table in which the degrees of the planets, moon, and sun are recorded in different constellations, as well as other celestial and celestial factors when a person is born, and then the information in this table for astrology, predicting that person’s personality and His horoscope is used. Today, we are at your service with an application that brings complete astrology diagrams along with a professional birth certificate to your Android devices.Astrological Charts Pro is an app for pulling astrological charts for the Android operating system, developed by the rs-astro-dev software group and priced at $ 19.50 on Google Play. This program allows you to draw different astrological charts and you can draw these charts based on different items such as planets and places. The program also allows you to calculate the different modes of the moon and you can get different times based on the information you give it.

Some features and capabilities of Astrological Charts Pro Android app :

  • Supports 12 different astrological chart models
  • Ability to calculate the phases of the moon
  • Existence of 6 asteroids and 23 fictitious points, including Neptune
  • Ability to choose from eleven house systems
  • It has 22 customizable and database dimensions of 100,000 different locations with their time zone
  • It has different profiles for users

Astrological Charts Pro has been able to get 4.5 out of 5.0 points from Google Play users with the satisfaction of Android users . As you know, this program is very expensive, but you dear ones can now download the professional version of this program from Usroid for free.


Astrological Charts Pro