ASUS Mobile Manager v5.0.15.0_180314 – Asus optimization application for Android
original version with over 50 million active downloads at your request

Most of us have heard of Asus many times and know that it is one of the biggest developers in the world of technology; In addition to making components and smart devices, the company has also released various software for different operating systems, and Android is no exception to these powerful apps, and we intend to provide you with one of the best of these tools. ASUS Mobile Manager is a complete application for managing and optimizing Android smart devicesDeveloped by ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. and published in the major Google Play Market. With fast solutions, this software allows its users to optimize anything in a short time and recover the high speed of the smartphone. Keep track of data usage and have accurate statistics to know how much you have used the Internet at different times. In addition, the system stops the background programs to prevent excessive battery consumption at any time.

Some features and capabilities of ASUS Mobile Manager Android application:

  • Optimize the overall performance of the system with just one touch of the screen
  • Strengthen different parts of the device, especially the amount of ram memory
  • Stop background programs to save battery and speed up the device
  • Monitor data usage and applications that use the Internet
  • Remove underused programs to prevent storage memory occupation
  • Avoid running programs automatically
  • Block notifications received from applications

ASUS Mobile Manager application , relying on a set of different and diverse features in the field of managing and optimizing the Android device, has been able to receive a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 50 million active downloads. Download the original from Usroid website .

Version changes v5.0.15.0_180314:

* Fixed application bugs.