Atlantis Invaders v6.01.18 + Mod – Exciting Action Game of Atlantis Invaders for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Free Purchase) Separately
Tested by Running Offline

Atlantis Invaders – مهاجمان آتلانتیس is the name of an action game published by the game studio Good Offline Games for Android devices. This game is made for fans of intense shooter games (Shoot ‘Em Up / SHMUP / Bullet Hell / Galaxy Shooters / Space Shooters / STG). In fact, this action and retro game is made by indie developer Spirit Bomb and presented to gamers by Good Offline Games in the Android market. This developer has previously made good classic shooter games and won many awards in various competitions. However, with his new game Atlantis Invaders, Spirit Bomb has created a new style of this type of game and combined elements of shooter, collectathon, and RPG in a unique way. In this game, you play the role of a skilled warrior who leads a submarine fighter. Your task and mission are to fight sea monsters, neutralize their threats, and protect humanity and the human race. To do this, you must shoot them as much as you can and at the same time avoid their attacks with professional maneuvers. You also need to find the technology treasures from the lost city of Atlantis to have soldiers from within and become a powerful and invincible force.


Atlantis Invaders


Overall, it should be said that the gameplay mechanisms of Atlantis Invaders are very easy and do not have any particular complexity. The controls are also very easy and can be done with just one finger, making it easy to master. For this reason, this game is suitable for all age groups and has no age restrictions. The existence of different modes has led to a high diversity of content for this game. The single-player mode includes more than 100 exciting and amazing levels. The endless mode includes stages that have their own unique features and are always fresh. The difficulty level of the game is dynamic and will bring a new level of challenging challenges. There are more than 100 items in the game that you can obtain and unlock various offensive abilities for them. There are also many power-ups in the game that you can obtain and increase your power several times. Like most similar games, your fighter can also be upgraded and equipped with more than 100 exciting items. The game’s graphics are very eye-catching and the artistic design of the game world and visual effects have created extraordinary attractions for Atlantis Invaders. In addition, the sound effects and the sound of shooting and explosions have created a unique atmosphere for this game. Atlantis Invaders has managed to get a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 among gamers’ votes on the Android market, and the Usroid team intends to provide it to you dear ones in both original and modded versions without any restrictions. You can now download this game that has been tested by our team through the direct links provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!

Attention: In the mod version, after completing the tutorial stages, enter the store and buy coins with diamonds, and your diamonds will also increase.