Aurora: Quarantine v2 Full – The full version of the wonderful “quarantine” game for Android with data
rating 4.2 out of 5.0 and priced at $ 1.99 in the big Google Play (Google Play)
tested with 100% offline

Aurora: Quarantine is a new and wonderful game “Robot: Quarantine” from Forth Ward Studios for Android devices , which is available for $ 1.99 in the big Google market, and as always, it has decided that this version is 100% healthy and new. the first in IranIntroducing your presence to special game lovers. We tell the story of the game in the constructive language as follows: “We follow the image of the virtual world in 2098, when the world is disappearing! Class poverty is rampant and a huge gap has been created between the rich and the poor, leading people to the streets! The cities are protected by a security institution called SIGHT, and they have built a wall around the cities like a fence, and new security and strict laws have been imposed on all the cities! Now, successive explosions have destroyed all the cities and the cities have been turned into abandoned cemeteries, and a large number of people are approaching death every minute! The nanoparticles are now left in a city called Sewer Police, and there is still hope to save the city, but it is not possible to enter the city. For this purpose, SIGH Security Institute T has built an intelligent and highly advanced robot that researches nanoparticle neutralizers in this city so that it can bring cities back to life! With this advanced robot, you should look for this material by researching laboratories and the environment. اگر “If you are a fan of adventure games with a special style, we suggest you miss the new game Aurora: Quarantine under any circumstances. Do not.

Some special features of Aurora: Quarantine Android adventure game:

  • Control of the robot (main Belize character) by you
  • Find ways to get out of different places
  • Adventure in a variety of places and environments
  • A variety of controllers to choose from by you and the player
  • HD graphics with really great and unique sound

Aurora: Quarantine game was released in the Google market a few days ago and we tested it and saw that the game controller is really painful and that is why we did not introduce it (because the game size is 500 MB and if you are dissatisfied with the download and Sending comments that the controller was bad, we were also bothered!); Version 1.1 has been released with new settings for game control that you can choose from three different types of control to your liking and the problem of the first version of the game that was controlled, has been solved and you can safely download a perfect game do! The game was tested by us on the LG G3 ANDROID 5 device and ran completely offline.

V2 version changes:

* Big update 2 with new features + various optimizations.


Download Aurora: Quarantine - a wonderful game "Quarantine" Android + data




Instructions for installing and running the game Aurora: Quarantine:

– First download and install the game installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it with the password Com.xsound folder . Copy auroragame to Android / Obb path.

– Run the game.