Auto Brawl Chess v29.0.0 + Mod – “Auto Battles” strategy game for Android devices
Normal version + mod version (increase the speed of recovery of blue bars in battle) separately
Tested by running online

Auto Brawl Chess is the second official game of PANORAMIK GAMES LTD studio in Cyprus, which is made in the style of strategy and is offered completely free of charge but with in-app payment capabilities. Usroid is the first Iranian website to publish this game on the web, and it has provided it to you for free, dear ones, and has presented the latest version of it along with a separate mod version. Auto Brawl Chess has been released in turn-based strategy RPG style and is an interesting combination of turn-based role-playing and strategy games. Of course, in addition to this combination, there are also action elements in this game. This game, like dozens of similar games in the turn-based strategic style, has standard and general features. One of the most notable features in Auto Brawl Chess is the interesting force upgrade system, in which you can create a stronger force by merging the same forces and re-create the new force by merging with a force of the same rank. Upgrade higher. This upgrade system is very interesting and of course efficient. It should also be noted that the game of automatic battles is a tactical title in which players can create a battle strategy according to their own choices and participate in battles with different tactics. Follow Usroid in introducing this game more.


Auto Brawl Chess


Auto Brawl Chess puts you in the position of a war leader. Your job is to lead, manage and lead a military camp. You have to protect your military base with the best defense and offensive forces. In the automatic battle game, it is possible to unlock dozens of different forces and heroes in different classifications. Each of these forces has its own characteristics and unique fighting style. These heroes are available in a variety of cards throughout the game. The creator of the game says that Auto Brawl Chess, apart from the individual part, has a multiplayer online part where you can fight with other players online and have a lot of fun and excitement. The online part of the game also has different clones and you can join one of them or start your own clone. The online part of the game has various modes such as Ranked Battles, Brawl, Arena matches, Tournaments, Survival, Raids, Events. It should also be noted that in various parts of the automatic battle game, there are many achievements and prizes that will help you in the process of upgrading and progress. To experience this game in a normal or modded way, you can follow the direct links in the Usroid box download section in the continuation of this article.