Auto Chess War v1.96 Mod – Strategic and managerial game “Chess Struggle” Android
Ordinary version of Mod version (Unlimited Money) tested separately
with no problems

Auto Chess War – Chess Struggle is the name of another strategy game style game from the branch of automatic chess games, which is a relatively new generation of strategic styles. The game is an unquestionable imitation of the global  Auto Chess game produced by Drodo Studios and released by the Chinese studio Dragonest Games. It is interesting to know that the creator of Auto Chess War is a Chinese game development studio called Phoenix Mobile. The studio has many popular games, including Minesweeper – Endless Dungeon  had made and released a similar game to compete with Dragonest Studios to become one of the main competitors in this genre. In Auto Chess War, you have to take part in tactical and strategic battles. Just like playing chess, you have to collect a team of the desired pieces before each battle and then enter the competition. Then, in a turn-based and strategic game, use appropriate options such as chess, use practical items and pieces, and move to damage enemy forces. This game will have no meaning without the upgrades and updates section! The whole importance and process of the game depends on the upgrade of your forces. In this game, a variety of special skills and abilities are designed that you are able to add to your list of bead abilities. The forces (beads) include different characters and heroes, each with unique characteristics and abilities.


Auto Chess War


All in all, Auto Chess War In the type of combination of forces and strategic and tactical use of beads is summarized. The main part of this game is in the form of PvE and includes the stage part, during which you can go to battle with opponents in 18 stages in different stages and missions. The game also includes two other sections, Endless Mode, which is a challenging and scoring section, as well as a multiplayer PvP section that is still under development. Your characters and heroes can be among the myths of humans or mythical creatures such as orcs, elves and monsters. The game view from above is strategic so that you can have a good view of all your own pieces and the opponent’s pieces. The gameplay is followed in the same way as a tactical and chess-like game. Graphically, Auto Chess War offers acceptable detail in terms of its size. Most graphics games are 3D. There are several visual effects throughout the game, and the legendary and epic designs of the game’s characters make it a good combination. Auto Chess War by earning A score of 4.2 out of 5.0 and more than 10,000 downloads in a short period of time have attracted the attention of many players around the world. If you want to try this game, you can easily download the regular or modded version of it in a tested form from Usroid and install it on your Android device.