Auto Network Signal Refresher Premium v1.11  Android network signal refresh application for Android
premium version, with all features and accesses dedicated to you

It must have happened to you that you are somewhere out of town and your mobile phone does not provide an antenna. To find the network signal but there is a point that most are unaware of. Mobile phones are programmed to not disconnect as much as possible after connecting to an antenna to keep communication stable, even if the signal is very weak. When you are constantly on the move to find a better signal, you are unaware that your device is trying to stay connected to the previous antenna and no matter how hard you try, the device will not connect to a new antenna as much as possible. In order to be able to manually force the phone to find the best available signal, you have to turn your SIM card on and off once.Auto Network Signal Refresher  Premium is  an application for automatic signal refresh and refresh developed by Mantra Tech Apps software group for Android devices and published on Google Play. This program automatically disconnects the SIM card every few seconds to find the best available signal. This program can also be used to find the best WiFi signal.

Some features and capabilities of Auto Network Signal Refresher Android application :

  • Ability to refresh mobile signal, internet speed and Wi-Fi with just one button
  • Solve the problem of not connecting to WiFi
  • Solve the problem of low internet speed
  • Display complete information of the device SIM card and WiFi chip
  • Find the fastest connection and connect in less than a minute
  • Display complete device information including camera information, CPU information, screen and و.
  • Display information and details about device memory
  • Increase the quality of voice calls after a fresh signal
  • Improved 4g signal quality

If you are a traveler and mountaineer, or your job is such that you are constantly traveling on the roads and out of town, or even if you are a student and have difficulty connecting to the dormitory or university, or even in the countryside. If you live and only receive good signals in certain places, you must have this program installed. Auto Network Signal Refresher program has been able to get a good score of 3.9 out of 5.0  from Google Play users by gaining user satisfaction . Now you can download the premium version of this program, along with all the features and accesses, from Usroid for free, and use it to get rid of signal jumps and call interruptions and low internet quality.


Auto Network Signal Refresher Premium