Auto Optimizer v10.2.4 Donated – a unique application like the general optimization of Android devices!
Paid and paid version for $ 2.49 for free

Auto Optimizer can be considered one of the most complete, efficient and best applications for optimizing and improving the performance of Android devices, which HDM Dev Team Studio is priced at $ 2.49It has been offered in the Play Store and to date has been purchased more than 100,000 times by Android users around the world and is one of the top and best-selling apps in the Tools category. By installing this program on your Android device, you can automatically perform the optimization operation and take a basic step in improving the performance of the device and increasing its speed! To date, we have introduced various software in the field of optimizer for Android, almost all of which require a user to optimize the device, but the Auto Optimizer application does this automatically and without the user’s need! This application has many functional functions in the field of battery optimization , system and other items, and on the other hand, it provides complete information about the device.

Some features and capabilities of Android Auto Optimizer application:

  • Easy, efficient user interface and high processing speed
  • Optimize all parts of the device with the touch of a button
  • Display battery and memory information in load or overlay status
  • Equipped with powerful battery protection function to improve battery performance
  • Increase device speed by eliminating unnecessary processes
  • Clear the history of all applications to speed up the phone

Auto Optimizer application currently has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Play Store , and we at Usroid provide you with the latest and latest version of it, which was released on Google Play a few hours ago, for free. As we wrote at the top of the post in red; Upcoming version of the program; The paid version has all the features available.


Auto Optimizer