Auto Redial Premium v1.68 – Android call redial and repeat call
application with premium version with access to all software features

One of the most common features of home landlines is auto-dialing; This feature is useful in many cases where the call number is busy and has many callers, such as phone calls or TV networks, and without repeating the dialing manually, it will automatically call the number you want to make a call. Be. But it is better to know that despite the advanced Android operating system, this feature does not exist by default in it, and the developers have released applications in this field separately. Auto Redial Premium UnlockedIs the title of a re-dial and automatic dial introduced by the Solar Systems group for users of Android smart devices. This application software with support for various capabilities allows users to easily repeat their calls until they call busy numbers and can communicate with their audience without manual dialing and wasting time. . All you have to do is set your desired schedule in “Auto Radial” and leave everything to this application. When repeating calls, you can move the activities to the background and run other software without any problems. One of the most important features of this program is its support for multiple numbers; In such a way that it automatically calls a different number entered by the user in each call.

Some features and capabilities of Auto Redial Premium Android application:

  • Automatic redial until the call is made
  • Supports multiple numbers and alternate numbers per call
  • Option to enable or disable easy redialing
  • Select the number of redials to your liking
  • Determine the delay time between each re-call
  • Activate speaker mode after making calls
  • Simple and functional widget for quick access to application features

Auto Redial Premium Re-Dialer with more than 500,000 active downloads and $ 2.19 in-network payment has managed to get a score of 3.8 out of 5.0 by Play Store Android Market users, who can now download the latest version as a premium from site Usroid downloaded.

Changes in version v1.68:

* Added rules and privacyoption
* Option to cancel automatic call in case of call termination