Auto Silent Mode – Automatically Silence Phone v1.0 Smart and programmed mute application for Android phone Professional
version of the application with access to all features and capabilities

Mobile phones have made communication much easier and faster than before and have had many benefits in our lives, but in addition to the many benefits they have had, they can sometimes cause problems. One of these problems is reducing user focus and disrupting the order of meetings such as classes or business meetings. It has probably happened to you that you were in an important meeting or in the classroom, and the ringing or notification of your phone disrupted the order of the meeting and embarrassed you, or you muted your phone and At the end of the class or session, you forget to return it to normal and miss important calls. If this happens to you frequently, be sure to install the app we are introducing today. Auto Silent Mode – Automatically Silence PhoneThe title of an application to mute and restore the phone to normal automatically for the Android operating system, which was developed by the software group Coloring Games and Coloring Book for Adults and published for free on Google Play. With this application, you no longer have to worry about your phone being silent or not. You only need to set all the necessary conditions and actions in the program once, after which the program will do everything for you completely automatically.

Some features and capabilities of Auto Silent Mode – Automatically Silence Phone Android application :

  • Ability to auto-mute in a specific location (which you define on the map and the phone with GPS can detect it)
  • Ability to define a specific time to return the phone to normal
  • Announce the arrival of the phone in silent or normal mode as a notification
  • Ability to repeat the silent operation and return to normal on a daily basis or on certain days of the week
  • Ability to set reminders for specific locations
  • Ability to set home location for software to return all settings to normal when you return home
  • Ability to turn Wi-Fi on or off when entering a specific location
  • Ability to adjust the sleep time, so that the phone is completely silent when sleeping
  • Beautiful and simple user interface

Auto Silent Mode application – Automatically Silence Phone is a very useful application for those who, due to a lot of work and thought, constantly forget to check whether their phone is silent or not, and this issue has created problems for them. . Auto Silent Mode was recently released on Google Play and received a score of 2.7 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the professional version of this program from Usroid for free.

Version v1.0 changes :

* Release the first version of the application


Auto Silent Mode - Automatically Silence Phone PRO