AutoGuard Dash Cam – Blackbox v6.2.4048 [Pro] – Android car black box app!
Professional version with access to all features provided to you

One of the most important parts of the plane and all kinds of helicopters is the black box, which carefully records all the incidents and conversations and, in case of any problems, provides them to the relevant people. This feature is not available in cars, but it has been produced by tasteful people with dashboard cameras and sold in the market. Sometimes these cameras have a high price and no one can buy them, so we want to introduce a suitable alternative for dashboard cameras to you dear ones. AutoGuard Dash Cam – Blackbox pro as a dashboard camera Or in a way, it is a feature-packed black box developed by Pyungwoo Yoo and released for the Android operating system. This smart software, after installation, turns your smartphone into a black box and records everything that happens around it. The process of recording videos is active in the background and you can use the best resolutions to record anything. When recording, you will be able to easily use other features of AutoGard without any problems and maximize its productivity.

Some features and capabilities of AutoGuard Dash Cam – Blackbox Android app:

  • Video recording in the background with the possibility of simultaneous use of other features of the program
  • Direct upload of recorded videos on YouTube
  • Record and save important photos automatically!
  • View video and map information on one page
  • High speed car and GPS display
  • Supports high resolution video recording
  • Track tracking in Google 3D maps
  • Send recorded information via email
  • Instant photo

Application  AutoGuard Dash Cam – Blackbox with the features and functionality of its own on a variety of smart devices into a black box has been able to more than 5 million downloads enabled rated 4.2 out of 5.0 by users, Google received that can now Get the latest professional version from Usroid site.

Versions v6.2.4048:

* Troubleshoot video recording of various optimizations.


AutoGuard Dash Cam - Blackbox Pro