Autolocation v1.2.2  – extension to identify the location Tskr program for android
unlocked version of the program with access to all features and functionality

Our smartphones are very powerful tools and offer great features. Facilities that make our lives so much easier and make our access to each other and the Internet permanent. But despite all these features and capabilities, there are still some who are not satisfied with the performance of the phone and do not consider the title smart for it. Because phones do not have a specific understanding of the current situation and can not make decisions alone. To make smartphones, apps like Tasker have been created. Tasker is a program that can understand the current situation using sensors or settings, and take action accordingly. For example, Tasker can run an application for you at a specific time. Tasker offers a wide range of possibilities. To perform each of the tasking capabilities, a special plug-in needs to be installed on it. A plug-in that helps Tasker better understand the condition of the phone. Today we are at your service with another Tasker plugin.AutoLocation is a plugin for the Tasker app, designed to better understand geographical location, for the Android operating system, developed by joaomgcd and published for free on Google Play. The program uses the Geofencing algorithm to better understand the geographical location and records its data as input to the application. Geofencing is a powerful new location algorithm provided by Google that allows you to track your location with greater accuracy and lower power consumption than before. Tasker with this information can do different things. For example, when you enter a store, Tasker detects your login and displays a shopping list.

Some features and capabilities of Android AutoLocation application :

  • More accurate detection of the geographical location of the phone
  • Provide information with different parameters to the task in order to get things done automatically
  • Very low resource and battery usage, despite keeping the GPS on
  • Support for various activities such as walking, driving, cycling and….
  • Smart phone and automate various tasks completely automatically based on changing the user’s geographical location
  • Ability to adjust the trust level of the program
  • Easy enabling / disabling geolocation

AutoLocation application is a very powerful and useful plugin that can add a lot of functionality to your phone. This program has been able to get a score of 3.7 out of 5.0 from Google Play users by gaining the satisfaction of Android users . Now you can download the unlocked version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v1.2.2 : 

* GDPR updates


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