Autopsy v1.0 – Body autopsy application for Android devices!
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Our human body is made up of different organs, each of which has a specific function; Sometimes he dies with any problems with his vital organs, or he has to face limitations for the rest of his life. When such problems arise, doctors perform an autopsy to find a logical answer to the problem. Of course, in many cases you have also thought about how autopsies are performed and what tests doctors do on corpses. AutopsyThe title is an application for the autopsy of the human body, developed by the Autopsy Center of Chicago and published on Google Play. Perhaps this software can be considered one of the best ways to experience an autopsy! There are more than thirty mini-videos in this program, in each of which an autopsy is explained under different titles and reasons. All the videos use real people and permission has been obtained from all the bodies to prevent the violation of privacy. You can watch these videos in great detail and discuss with other users if needed. Discussing with users will help you to state your reasons for the causes of death and show off your abilities to others! In addition, questions will be asked during the video playback, the answers to which indicate the extent of your knowledge.




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Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the first version of the app on Google Play