[AutoTagger – tag editor v3.4.0 [Pro – Android Automatic Editor Tags app for professional and premium audio files
with access to all features

AutoTagger – tag editor Pro Unlocked is a completely professional and powerful program for automatic editing of audio file tags in Android operating system.Developed and published by Sergey Chuprin. As you know, the information of an audio file is called a tag or tag, this information includes the name of the artist, album, playing date and many other information that allows users to use these options. Categorize your audio files. The unique technology used in this program focuses specifically on editing and adding tags automatically, enabling users to be able to tag a set of their music at the same time. Change! After selecting the desired audio file of the folder, the album and its singer are checked and if there is information, it is automatically added to it. The three formats, MP3, MP4, and FLAC, support the software and provide high speed editing to its users.

Some features and capabilities of AutoTagger – tag editor for Android:

  • Ability to edit name, music cover, artist, album, release year, style, song number, disc number and comment
  • Ability to automatically search tags for songs, folders, albums and artists
  • Professional and batch editing of tags
  • Delete batch tags for a set of audio files
  • Professional editing text songs of
  • Automatically download the cover from the internet or choose from the gallery
  • View music folders
  • Change the color and theme of the program
  • Supports three formats MP3, MP4, FLAC

Due to its importance for music enthusiasts, the AutoTagger – tag editor app has been able to score 4.4 out of 5.0 by Play Store users, and you can now download the latest professional version without the need to pay within the network. Download from the huge Usroid database .


AutoTagger - tag editor