Avalon v1.32 + Mod – Fun adventure game “Avalon” for Android + trailer
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited energy) individually
tested with offline run

Avalon – Avalon is the name of a fun and attractive arcade platformer game from the category of adventure games produced by the Brazilian studio Keyd Studio and offered for free on Google Play and is available to Android users. Usroid as the first Iranian websiteThe provider of this game invites you to download this beautiful and attractive game. Avalon tells the story of two heroic characters named Jana and Seth. The whole game is in the form of retro and classic platformer games. In such games, which are followed in two dimensions and from the front view, the players take control of a hero character and guide him forward through the steps. The highlight of platform style games is that the main character can jump over obstacles with relatively long jumps or collect certain items such as coins. The situation is the same in Avalon; In this game, you follow a special adventure in which you have to go to dangerous places in a big dungeon in the role of the main heroes of the game and go on this risky journey to destroy the demons who have built a big base in this place. These demons have come to earth after a long silence and have endangered the lives of thousands of people, and it is only you who can destroy them and restore peace to the land of humans. But your mission will be difficult and challenging.




In the game AvalonYou can entertain yourself in two general parts. The first part, which is also the main part, you can follow the Story part with one of the two hero characters and experience the game. The second part is called SPEEDRUN, in which you have to complete the steps in less time and try to set a record in this regard. Avalon has more than 30 different and completely handmade designs. In this dangerous path, all kinds of enemies from demons and demons will get in your way and make your job difficult. But the main challenge of the game is probably the part of physical puzzles in which you have to cross difficult paths covered with a variety of deadly traps. Proper timing and quick reactions play a key role in this. These puzzles are designed with interesting mechanisms that can be arithmetically challenging. According to the game developer, there are many hidden mysteries in Avalon that you can discover. This game has many fans with its retro and pixel graphics and can be very nostalgic for the children of the previous generation. In general, it can be said that this game is one of the strongest platformer titles currently for Android phones and tablets. So if you are looking for an interesting nostalgia and a fun and classic game, maybe it is better not to miss Avalon and now the original version or its mode fromDownload Usroid . It is worth mentioning that Avalon game has managed to achieve an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 with the satisfaction of users .

Changes in version v1.32:

* Game interface bug fixes.