Avalon – Space Adventure RPG v1.03 + Mod – Action and Adventure game “Avalon” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (infinite gear) separately
Tested by running offline

Avalon – Space Adventure RPG – آوالون: ماجراجویی فضایی is an entertaining and fascinating game from the Russian studio Argon Games, combining elements of role-playing, adventure, and action in a simple yet captivating idea. This game has been released for the Android operating system completely for free, but with in-app purchases. As always, Usroid has introduced and released this beautiful game for the first time among all Iranian sites, providing you dear ones with the latest version and a modified version for free download and testing. Avalon – Space Adventure RPG is undoubtedly one of the few multi-genre games that includes elements of puzzle in addition to action, adventure, and role-playing. Argon Games studio is known for creating and publishing famous fantasy and adventure games, and the Avalon – Space Adventure RPG project is one of their most extensive and unique games. If you are a fan of adventure, action, strategy, role-playing, and puzzle games, Avalon can keep you entertained for hours. So, join us in introducing and taking a general look at this game.


Avalon — Space Adventure RPG


The game Avalon – Space Adventure RPG tells a fantasy story of a magnificent and large spaceship called Avalon. This spaceship and its crew are on a mission to travel to another galaxy and conduct research there. Apart from humans, there are also intelligent robots and computers on this spaceship that assist humans in the important and difficult journey. They are just like the best friends and colleagues of the personnel on this spaceship. All of these robots and computers are managed and directed by a central computer called Supercomputer. Everything is going well until a strange and unknown virus infiltrates Supercomputer and turns it from the best friend and colleague of humans into a fierce and stubborn enemy. Now, the situation is getting worse, and the computers and robots under the command of Supercomputer are turning into your enemies. You play the role of the main character in the game, who is one of the personnel on this spaceship. Now, you have no choice but to fight and destroy the robots and computers, because if you don’t, they will destroy you! Your task in the Avalon – Space Adventure RPG game is to solve puzzles and find a way to save this spaceship. Can you successfully remove this dangerous virus, or will you become another victim? You can download and experience this exciting game for free and tested from the download box section of Usroid and install it on your Android device.