Balance: Meditation & Sleep v1.46.0 – Android advanced meditation and meditation application
A shared and complete version of the program worth $11.99 for the first time in Iran

Balance: Meditation & Sleep is an advanced meditation application developed by Elevate Labs and published on Google Play. Everyone’s life is full of ups and downs that sometimes cause confusion and confusion. Nothing like these two feelings can take our energy away from redoubled our efforts. When faced with unfortunate events, reduced level of concentration and inability to make the right decisions are some of the problems we face. To achieve high ability in this field, you must first strengthen your spirit and plan your mind to make the best decision in any situation. Meditation is the best and most effective way to have a calm soul and body. There are various methods to get acquainted with meditation methods, one of the best of which is the use of Android software. Undoubtedly, Balance: Meditation & Sleep is one of the best startups in this field. Balance helps you dear ones to meditate without any knowledge and strengthen your inner abilities.

Personal meditation experience by Balance: Meditation & Sleep

One of the most important features and strengths of Balance: Meditation & Sleep, which has made it popular, is the creation of meditation and personal meditation programs. After installation and with the first entry into the environment of this Android application, your name will be asked first. After entering your name, you have to answer some very simple questions; Questions to help make and provide the best meditation program for you. After answering the questions, your own meditation program is created and you can strengthen your ability according to your desires. The duration of these personal programs is 10 days, and by addressing them, all your needs will undoubtedly be met. If after 10 days you could not reach a sufficient level of concentration, the above software will once again give you new exercises at higher levels that will undoubtedly have the greatest impact on you.

Having a comfortable and stress-free sleep with the help of balance

It may come as a surprise, but the root of many aggressions and lack of concentration during the day is not getting enough restful sleep at night. Knowing this, Balance has tried to focus enough on this issue. For this reason, one of the main tabs of this startup is dedicated to meditations before or after sleep. Balance: Meditation & Sleep helps your loved ones to get rid of all negative energies before going to bed by doing exercises and you can experience a pleasant sleep by playing a very soothing music. Continued use of balance facilities in this section will help to eliminate over time your need for any medication to have a restful and stress-free sleep.

Use your minimum time for meditation and meditation

Another feature of Balance: Meditation & Sleep that is very noticeable is a section called singles. In this section there is a collection of short meditations. These exercises are designed for those who want to use their minimum time to relax. Imagine waking up and still being in bed; By running this software and referring to the mentioned section, do one of the available meditations in just two to three minutes to have an extremely energetic day. However, all your workouts in all sections are stored in the program database, which not only are effective in providing higher level exercises, but also help you know how much you are progressing.

Some features and capabilities of Balance: Meditation & Sleep Android app:

  • A set of meditation and meditation exercises to have a calm soul and body
  • Create completely personal exercises to suit your moods and needs
  • A collection of 10+ different categories for meditation with different purposes
  • Having effective and short-term meditations in the singles category
  • Effective voice training when doing meditation and meditation exercises
  • Save all workouts to keep track of your progress
  • Dedicated meditations for a comfortable sleep experience
  • Simple and very attractive user interface
  • Option to adjust the number of meditation sessions to your liking

The Balance: Meditation & Sleep app has been released for free by its developer with an $11.99 in-network payment, taking advantage of its special features and capabilities in providing meditation and meditation sessions. Now you can download the latest shared version of this unique software from the large database of Usroid website.


Balance: Meditation & Sleep