Undoubtedly, you have heard the name of Yankee Ayandeh many times over and over again, a bank that was formed from the merger of Tat, Salehin and Ati institutions. After a while since the establishment of Ayandeh Bank and the expansion of its branches throughout the country, we have witnessed an increase in its services, one of the newest of which is its mobile banking system , which is one of the best due to the growing use of smartphones. Existing platforms are unnecessary to meet customer needs and eliminate intra-city travel. Ayandeh Bank – with Ayandeh BankThe title of Ayandeh Bank mobile application is developed and published by the same bank for Android. With various features like other mobile banks, this program helps to perform many services such as paying bills, managing accounts and cards, viewing the status of checks, and so on, without the need for any ATM or visiting the bank. Monitor the house or any other place. Check the account balance at any time and pay the installments of the received facilities with just one hint! If you are a customer of Yan Bank Ayandeh, without a doubt, having a mobile bank will be popular on your Han device!

Some features and capabilities of Bank Ayandeh Android application:

  • Categorize all services into different and detailed groups
  • Providing services in the form of two groups of card and account services
  • Ability to view your card and account balance anytime and anywhere
  • Check service with close monitoring of all your checks
  • Payment of facility installments without the need to visit the bank
  • Card to card or interbank money transfer by reliable and satna methods
  • Pay bills and buy recharges for your SIM cards
  • Ability to calculate night numbers
  • View your bills

Bank Ayandeh application with the benefit of various capabilities and due to its importance to facilitate the provision of services has been able to attract the attention of thousands of people so far that you can now download the latest version of it from Usroid website ; The forthcoming version of the mobile application of Ayandeh Bank has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones.

Changes in version v4.13:

* Compatible with Android 7.0.


Bank Ayandeh