One of the benefits of the spread of the Internet around the world was the ease of communication, as well as the creation of a platform to meet the needs of bank customers in absentia. This was later referred to as e-banking, and the same name survived. Maskan Bank, as one of the top Iranian banks that has provided various services since 1317, has been able to reduce many unnecessary referrals with its electronic banking system and meet the needs of its customers at any time and place. Together with Maskan Bank, it was undoubtedly one of the best actions of this bank in this regard! Bank Maskan – along with Bank Maskan is the title of Bank Maskan mobile application for Android, which we intend to introduce in this post. Mobile Housing Bank is a system that allows its customers to perform many actions only with the Internet by registering in branches and installing applications on their smartphones. All these services are active 24 hours a day and are available to everyone in the world and is a very big turning point for the housing bank. There are no restrictions on the use of services and you can even easily manage and monitor remittance services.

Some features and capabilities of Android bank maskan program:

  • Ability to transfer money to Shetab network member cards
  • Ability to register frequently used cards and accounts
  • Use of services in both Internet and SMS modes
  • Purchase a recharge card with support from various operators
  • Ability to record, view, report and deactivate regular remittances
  • Ability to update card and account services
  • Ability to change your account password
  • Enter your billing information with the camera and scan the bar code
  • Perform reliable and satna banking operations through accounting services
  • Operations related to checks such as requesting the issuance of a check, viewing the status of the check and…
  • Subsidy Deposit Report
  • See the last three rounds of your card or account
  • Electronic toll label services


Bank Maskan application, with its various capabilities compared to other existing banks, is one of the most powerful programs in the field of off-bank services, which you can now download the latest version from the reputable Usroid website. Just note that if you have installed another version, uninstall it and then install this version.


Version v1.26 changes:

For this version of the program, no changes have been mentioned by the developer bank.


Bank Maskan