It has been a long time since the establishment of the first bank in Iran and various ways of providing services have been created; Initially, customers went to the banks to receive salaries, pay installments, pay bills, and so on. With the advent of ATMs, these referrals became less and less, but there was still a need for a new service, which easily filled this gap in the electronic banking system! In line with this service, Pasargad Bank, like other banks across the country, launched a program for smartphones called ” Mobile Bank “, which we intend to introduce in this post. Bank Pasargad – with Pasargad BankThe title of Pasargad Bank mobile application for Android, which with its set of capabilities, minimizes your visits to bank branches. After installing the program; You are faced with a beautiful and attractive environment that is divided into two categories of deposit services and card services. To use the deposit service for security, you need a username and password, which you should refer to Pasargad Bank branches to receive. Do any management in the simplest possible way and meet your needs in absentia at any time of the day or night.

Some features and capabilities of Bank Pasargad Android application:

  • View list and details of all deposits
  • Invoices of all deposits along with deposit flow chart
  • Ability to add notes on the turnover of deposits
  • Internal and interbank money transfer with two methods: Paya and Satna
  • Continuous intrabank and interbank money transfers
  • View the balance of all Pasargad Bank cards
  • Card to card transfer
  • Pay bills and purchase mobile operators’ charges
  • Block the card with just one touch
  • Get the last three rounds of the card
  • See the list of facilities and their details
  • Installment payment in absentia

Bank Pasargad application with a variety of capabilities provides a set of features to Pasargad Bank customers that you can now download the latest version of it from the popular and popular website of Usroid ; The version that we have offered for download includes all the features and is the official version.

Changes in version v8.0.8:

* Ability to copy dynamic password
* Receive dynamic password in all card transactions and connect to Harim system
* Ability to share card image
* Ability to filter advanced deposits


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