Kiosk banks, ATMs, and electronic banking systems are among the service delivery methods that various banks, including Bank Saderat Iran, use to make it easier for their customers. However, as you know, among all the mentioned services, electronic banking is one of the most popular, and every bank tries to take advantage of it with its own special methods. Bank Saderat Iran – with the Mobile Bank app for Android, makes it easier for its customers to access electronic services and eliminates many face-to-face visits. Simply meet many of your needs at any time of the day or night, and rest assured that everything is ultimately secure. The services provided by Bank Saderat’s Mobile Bank app are categorized into two groups: currency and rial services, with rial services addressing many user needs such as reviewing invoices, paying installments, and more. The range of features of this app is not included in the short text, so it is better to stay with us in the following article to become familiar with them.

Some features and capabilities of the Bank Saderat Android app:

  • Access to invoice services such as account balance information, last ten transactions of the account and card, etc.
  • Receiving information about received facilities
  • Transferring money between your accounts without any restrictions
  • The ability to transfer desired amounts from card to card
  • Interbank money transfer through Paya system
  • Issuing permission to receive money without a card
  • Inquiring about the status of issued checks
  • Paying public bills through account number or card with the ability to use barcode reader
  • Transferring money between your own foreign currency accounts or transferring to others’ foreign currency accounts in Bank Saderat Iran with the same currency
  • Buying recharge for SIM cards
  • Direct recharge of credit SIM cards
  • Using services in two ways: SMS and internet
  • Viewing the balance of foreign currency accounts

The Bank Saderat application, by utilizing various facilities and capabilities in the field of electronic banking, has been able to attract the attention of thousands of Bank Saderat Iran customers. You can now download the latest version of this mobile bank from the popular and visited site Usroid; This mobile bank has also been introduced at the request of some of you dear ones.


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