Bank Sepah – Hamrah Bank Sepah is the title of the Mobile Bank application for Android, published by the developers of the bank itself. Like other mobile banks around the world, this software helps its users to have access to all electronic banking services 24/7 and to perform all their needs in the simplest way possible. Various features and capabilities can be seen in the list of features of this mobile bank, one of which can be considered the lack of need to receive an activation key, allowing anyone to quickly install it and have access to their desired services. More than 20 different capabilities have been mentioned by Bank Sepah for this application, and one of the most popular ones is the ability to exchange information through the internet and SMS. Transfer the required funds to your customers or friends in two ways, Satna and Paya, and be sure that everything is done as quickly as possible. Join us on Usroid’s high-speed servers to see a list of the features of this mobile bank and to download the latest version for free.

Some features and capabilities of the Bank Sepah Android app:

  • No need to receive an activation key from the internet bank portal to install the software
  • The ability to exchange information on both internet and SMS platforms
  • Receiving non-presence services for all customer accounts with one username
  • Entering the mobile bank system with the customer number
  • The ability to update customer accounts and cards
  • Viewing account balance along with services such as the number of transactions, special transactions, and…
  • Fast transfer of funds from account to account (domestic)
  • The ability to receive counter bills from the center
  • Paying water bills with the ability to scan the barcode of the bill
  • Transferring funds in two forms of Paya and Satna
  • Changing the default card account
  • The ability to access different accounts with just one smartphone
  • Blocking the card
  • The ability to buy recharge cards
  • Receiving credit card statements
  • Viewing accounts linked to your card

The Bank Sepah application has been able to meet a range of customer needs remotely as one of the top services of Bank Sepah. You can now download the latest version of this app from the direct links on the Usroid website; the version we offer for download is the newest version of the program that you can get with just one click from the high-speed servers of the website.


Bank Sepah