Basketball Stars: Multiplayer v1.42.0 – Android Sports Game
An incredibly beautiful and enjoyable sports game
It is an online game

Basketball Stars – ستاره های بسکتبال is a popular and entertaining sports game from the renowned studio for Android, which has been released for free on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 50 million times by Android users worldwide, making it one of the most popular games! In this game, you can dribble, shoot the ball into the hoop, score, and win! Just grab the ball and compete with basketball stars! Show off your skills, deceive your opponent, and accurately shoot the ball into the hoop to experience one of the most beautiful basketball sports games! While defending, keep an eye on the attack; steal the ball from your opponent and jump in time to catch their throws! The beautiful 3D graphics, fully 3D player models, and different fields for the game have never been seen before in mobile basketball games! You can play against your opponent online in regular or timed shooting competitions, and choose one of them to be busy for hours!


Basketball Stars Android Games


The popular game Basketball Stars currently has a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating on the Play Store, and we at Usroid have introduced its latest version along with the mod version, which was your request! If we want to provide more information about the game, it is better to say that the possibility of participating in higher-level competitions, winning bigger prizes, unlocking more than 40 special basketballs, and upgrading the level are provided. You will start your career from ordinary basketball courts and gradually unlock special basketball courts by leveling up and compete with the best basketball players from around the world! The game has more than 300 unique wearable items that enhance the beauty of your players or upgrade their skills! You can also perform various moves such as dribbling, shooting, stealing the ball, blocking the opponent’s path, or tricking them and increase your experience points! In general, if you are a fan of basketball games, do not miss Basketball Stars!

Note: If the mod is ready for the new version, it will be available for download. [Do not ask about the mod.]