Bass Engineer v2.2 Bass Engine for Android is
the purchased version of the app for $ 2.49  

A song or piece of music is made up of thousands of different sounds, sounds produced by instruments, software and humans. Each of these sounds has a special note written by the composer and given to the singer and musician to create the song by performing the notes one after the other. Notes in a song usually have a certain range and can range from the lowest note to the highest note. Special instruments are used to play notes that are very low and bass. In the past, the instrument was used as a violin, which was a large stringed instrument similar to the violin, but now the guitar instrument is mostly used to play the lower notes in songs. The guitarbis is a very electric guitar-like instrument whose sound is amplified live by an amplifier. Fortunately, there are now some great software tools that simulate this instrument and make it possible to compose without using the guitar. Today we are at your service with one of these softwares.Bass EngineerThe title of an app for making Grove and Solo songs with guitarbis is automatically for the Android operating system, developed by GyokovSolutions and released on Google Play for $ 2.49. In this program, there are two methods for composing: the manual method in which you can manually set the notes and chords in the program, and the automatic method in which the auto-selector automatically selects the appropriate notes and chords for you. . You can use this powerful tool to create bass guitar groups and solos, create melodies and harmonies automatically, add melodies to existing harmonies, and more. Finally, you can output the effect created in the form of MIDI files and use it for composing in professional software. Having this program helps you to get rid of your mental limitations and have more freedom of action and choice.

Some features and capabilities of Android Bass Engineer :

  • Save melody and harmony as midi and text file
  • Ability to change notes up to 64 notes
  • Ability to open saved melodies
  • Guitar adjustment up to 6 strings
  • Change the number of frets on the fretboard
  • Composing and creating a melody automatically
  • Ability to create a melody for existing harmonies

The Bass Engineer app is a great tool for composing and creating beautiful pieces of music with guitarbis on Android, which was recently released on Google Play for money, which we have purchased for your use, dear ones, and now you can buy the purchased version of this. Download the program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge.

V2.2 version changes : 

* Add SWING mode
* Add feature to change tempo to 4 times


Bass Engineer